Tuesday, July 15, 2014

PayAnywhere Storefront POS-Lite Updates to Version 2.2

The Most Affordable POS System Just Got Upgraded

North American Bancard's PayAnywhere Storefront payment application for Android just got a major tweak. While it still is not a replacement for a full-POS system like Groovv or ShopKeep, it remains a perfect solution for small retail businesses that do not need the system to control the stock of hundreds of inventory items, maintain open checks or log employee hours. PayAnywhere Storefront still allows the input of inventory items for quick checkout (it just doesn't keep track of what is in stock) and offers a wide array of sales reports. But mostly it offers one of the most cost-effective checkout systems for merchants who want to keep low rates and low fees while still tapping into the most-wanted features of the higher-priced systems and taking advantage of added mobility.

New Features in PayAnywhere Storefront 2.2

  • Faster checkout! Merchants no longer have to press an extra button before swiping -- just run the card through the card reader and get that transaction going. There is also a novel new feature to "round up" to whole dollars using a "Quick Cash" function for situations where merchants cannot make change.
  • New "View Cart" button! See the applied discounts, tax and subtotals for whatever is in the cart with one click.
  • Easier tip function! The Signature screen now has the option of displaying quick preset tip amounts or a custom tip the customer chooses, as well as access to the "View Cart" screen.
  • Add Receipt Notes! For those times when there is a need to add notes to the receipt before it is printed or emailed, this can be done in the same place as choosing to print or email the receipt.
  • Bluetooth printing! Support has been added for the STAR TSP650 Bluetooth receipt printer. This affordable printer makes it much easier than before to provide paper receipts on the go or from a permanent counter space.
    The new Star TSP 650 receipt printer works with the PayAnywhere Storefront tablet payment processing app.
The rapid rate of updates to the PayAnywhere Storefront app makes this a viable solution for virtually any small business that does not require open checks. And the fact that the American Express rate is the same as that for Visa, MasterCard or Discover ought to have merchants thinking seriously about using this option, especially if they process a significant number of AMEX charges. And it also accepts the new PayPal card, offers unlimited users, provides a "back office" style web portal and more. If your or a merchant you know is interested in exploring this as an option, feel free to contact me for a no-pressure consultation. If you already have a tablet and don't want to take advantage of the placement of the 10" Android tablet that comes with the system, or you want to use multiple tablets either together in-store or remotely, the software also works with Apple's iOS and many other Android tablets and phones.


  1. Its really a good and informative post.thanks for sharing . I am using POS system from Alliance Bankcard. I will consult with Alliance Bankcard about my POS system. Thanks a lot.

  2. Hello
    I'm Carl from Denver.Can you give me instruction how to reload my POS software?
    I some viruses in my product and I need to clean it.I use this software http://pos-co.com/ Why I can't change it to Storefront POS-Lite Updates to Version 2.2 and leave my hardware????Please email me.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Carl, I am not sure that I understand your question correctly. If you are having problems with your existing software and hardware, you need to contact your current customer help line for your merchant services provider, or go through the website that you mentioned for the product's customer support.

      If you are looking to change providers, then doing a clean install on your hardware and migrating to PayAnywhere Storefront or any comparable system should be easy. Understand that this requires a new account with a new merchant services provider. You would also have to cancel your current provider and ensure that you are not in a long-term contract.

      If you are having problems with your existing hardware and software combination and wish to switch to a tablet-based system such as PayAnywhere Storefront (or competitors like Groov or Harbortouch or Shopkeep), you should evaluate the various options and their costs to ensure that you are getting enough power for your needs at a cost that works for you.

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