Friday, October 16, 2015

How To Choose Your Merchant Services Provider

Below is an infographic provided by -- they contacted me a long, long time ago about featuring this on my blog and it managed to get lost in my inbox for quite a while. Every now and again, I would pull it up and look at it and think to myself that, yes, it was a nice infographic.

And since it features information that, for the most part, I have already written about in various posts, I thought this might act as a handy reminder. So, here it is, compliments of Leap Payments, with whom I have no working relationship, and therefore cannot vouch for the company beyond this excellent presentation.

I will caution only one thing with regard to the infographic. It suggests that you pay attention to online reviews, which you should -- but it does not go into detail about how a very small number of rather loud or disgruntled merchants might give very bad reviews of a company that are because of situations where the merchant was at fault. I've read enough such reviews to be able to recognize them, but most merchants and potential agents probably have not. Trusting bad reviews or outstanding reviews blindly is not a good thing -- always look for reviews that give a balanced view of the experience, back up the conclusion with good examples and otherwise tell something more about the company. Neither a few bad reviews nor a few good ones are likely to tell an accurate picture of a company. Additionally, negative reviews (especially on Rip Off Report) are much more common than positive reviews overall, because people having a good experience are less likely to feel the need to write a review in the first place. After all, why would anyone go out of their way to say, "Company X is doing exactly what they are paid to do," which is essentially what every good review would be saying. It's a service, people! Expect it to work properly and be a good value for the money!